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Hence if you are looking forward to have a universal API then you need to develop it and optimize it for two separate platforms. There is one more platform that is popularizing and that is windows.

Once the application is developed it is put into the respective application store for the viewers to access it. Now when there are several applications for same service, then it becomes quite competitive for an app store to decide on whether which application should one download and which one will rank higher in application research for user’s text based research. Hence, they have defined an algorithm to take care of this ranking on which an App Store Optimizer works so that your application complies with this application and rank high on particular App Store.

The App Store Optimization is categorised in two aspects –

Keyword Optimization for Applications, Optimizing the application content, Meta Data for Applications

In app store, similar algorithms work to rank the application as a search engine, hence an ASO must optimize the meta data of application with keywords so that these algorithms read these meta zdata and hence rank the application above the rest of similar application. This task of optimiation is about reframing the meta data around the focused keywords and stuffing those keywords into meta data of the application so that it strengthens the ranking of application on search results of an app store search engine.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Applications, A/B Testing of Applications, Optimizing Visual Assets of an Application

The applications are now available in application store however one goes by its look-and-feel to judge whether he should download it or not, whether it will meet his expectations or not. Hence, to enhance the chances of this download of the application on the application store, its icon, preview video, screenshot etc. also need to be optimized. Generally, Google provides an environment for this A/B testing for android based phones, which generates various sets of these assets for an application and allow the owner to see which one have better conversion rate. Even for Apple applications, you have several third-party consoles which allow one to test pre-and post-results for a set of assets and decide on which one to use for best conversion results. Also, these tests are available for country by country viewing, means you may find that one set have better results in one country however another set may have better result for another country. Application store generally allow you to set these assets based on a geographical location


App Store Optimization Steps, Optimizing the Application Assets, Keyword Optimization of Application Description

Optimize the Title which must be relevant to the purpose and use of the application. For more than 80% of the downloads are resulted from the text based research, hence having an appropriate title or having keyword in the title will help the search engine to locate and rank your application on the top. Application Icon should have that visual appeal. You must design it per the usage of the application and which segment or group you are trying to target your application for. For example, if application is for kids, then this icon could have some cartoon or animated character as kids generally related more with these kinds of fiction character. If the application is for females, then the icon could be a bit sophisticated and girly.

And so on Screenshots are another visual element which allow the user to make decision whether he should download the application or not. Hence you must produce these screenshots very wisely to lure your users well to take immediate action of downloading the application. Preview Videos are allowed now to let users experience the application before they buy it to download it. Hence this video must be impressive enough to take your viewer forward to download the application. Application description is where you stuff all your keywords to let the search engine rank it on the top. You may also work to localize this description or your overall application to let locales of a country relate more with it and enable them to download and use it. English is not the first language of all the countries or many countries use a different format of this language. Hence localization of content is a big task for various many app store owners.


App Store Optimization is a task of improving visibility of a mobile application in an App Store. Just like there is search engine optimization for websites, on similar lines we have App Store Optimization for Mobile based applications. This is not just constrained to optimizing the application or its application store raking but it may also include outside marketing, like placing the application banners in social media like Twitter and Facebook so that people become aware of these applications

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