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How to Build your personal brand

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Hence, most entrepreneurs are willing to tell more about themselves to the world. There is a complete science behind personal branding and open-up various other channels of revenue for you. You must be aware of different aspects of becoming famous before you become one.

Here are few aspects that you should keep in mind while building up you brand online and opening-up yourself to the outside world –

connect to the world through social media

Personal branding is all about being accessible to the outside world. The people should be able to reach out to you. They should be able to interact and know about you. When you are famous or are known for something then most of people idolise you for that value and want to connect with you for that very aspect of your personality.They need a way to interact with you, to ask you questions, to know how you are in your real life, what you eat, what places you visit and what are your likes and dislikes.

Show your personal side through social media

When you present yourself on an online platform like twitter or Facebook, people are not looking forward to how successfully you executed a project or a business plan or what are your future-plans for the growth of your business. They get all this feed from news articles and other media. They want to see the other more vulnerable side of you. How you behave and connect with your family, how you deal with your day to day challenges, what are your motivations, what are your likes and dislikes. They want to connect with you on personal level.


Show the value you bring through your skills to the business

While building your personal brand, reflect the value that you add to your business. You may be into a business that touches vast variety of things but then you need to communicate to people for what they should know you for, outside that business. You should reflect the uniqueness that you bring to that business. You may be good at business consulting, or have a very good sense of market. Your thoughts expressed on social media should reflect this uniqueness and expertise. People should be able to recognise you for this uniqueness. And this uniqueness should not depend on the existence of your business. Even when you switch business or companies, this uniqueness should remain with you.

Involve into social activities

Reflect your participation into performing your social responsibility through these social media channels. You should not convert these media channels into an out and out marketing platforms rather you should use them as a platform where people can connect with you and have their own takeaways as well. They should be able to connect with you for a participation into a social activity which can benefit due to your presence. Or the students who are interested in same field as you are in should be able to connect and consult with you about their ambitions. Your posts should be adding values to others lives. Yes, you can post some marketing information as well on these channels. But treating it as a profit centre for yourself will drive people out of your channel as they will not seek any value for themselves

Be a trusted source of information

Another driver that motivates people to remain connected to your channel is the lookout for information. If you become trusted source of news and feeds, then obviously, people will remain connected to your channel. Like if you are from fashion industry, then you could keep posting about the trending fashion and styles. People like to follow others for this kind of news rather than themselves dwelling to dig out information. This can also evolve you into an influence. For when you have many followers and people trust your opinion then you can help other brands to create awareness and create sales channel through your social media platforms.


Remain Focused

Once you have established your brand, you will start getting plethora of opportunities from various streams. But you should not try to dig into every opportunity that is coming your way, rather you should remain focused on your line of business and only work with people and brands that add value to that line. This kind of focus will help to add value to your brand as people know you for that. If you try your hand into everything that is coming your way, then slowly you will lose your uniqueness.

Don’t forget, that there are thousands of people watching you and your actions, so think twice and plan well before posting anything on such platforms. A post can both make and break your online persona.

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