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How to rank on Google in 2021 fast (without working hard)

This is that time of the year when everyone is working from home. Whether business owners, servicemen, etc. this is the best time to work on the Google rankings for all to improve their online business growth and to grab attention of online customers. It is more of a challenging job than a creation of strategy. To rank fast in Google 2021, you need to follow certain crucial steps that will give you the desired results without working much on SEO.

The state of change in SEO shifts with every passing year. Still, you can boost SEO for your website by taking some essential steps to rank well on Google in the upcoming year. There are some basic tips such as enhancing user experience, improving the navigation key, on-site optimization, etc. that can help you rank higher. Below are some useful tips to bring your site’s ranking high-up and that too without putting much effort.

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  1. High-quality content
    Google worked on its algorithms that work towards ranking the site’s position. To be on the top list of Google sites, the most important step is to give your website high-quality and meaningful content. Many Google algorithms work by checking the most appropriate content to raise the website’s ranking. To write good quality content you should pay attention to keyword research, search intent, long-form in-depth articles, etc.
  2. Excellent on-page optimization
    This is an excellent step to take care of SEO ranking. To make this possible, you are required to concentrate on Title tags and Meta descriptions, Internal and external link structure, headings and sub-headings, Voice Optimization SEO, Schema mark-up, etc.
  3. Develop a secure website
    To improve your SEO ranking you need to create a secure website that is by switching HTTP to HTTPS. A secure website offers data integration, authentication, and encryption. Developing a secure website also helps in decreasing your bounce rate.
  4. Build a mobile-friendly website
    Creating a mobile-friendly website is one of the greatest needs of today’s world. The search engines are not limited to keyboards and monitors as people started using all types of platforms. The content written for a desktop website does not look similar on a mobile phone. Therefore, pay attention to build a website that should be used by all types of devices.

These steps are a great help to rank fast in Google 2021.

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