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Key Aspects of Designing a Good Website

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Appearance of your website is consumer’s first interaction with your company. It must be a visual treat for him. One should keep below aspects in mind while getting their websites designed.


The content that is presented on your website should be written in simple and plain English which is easy to read and comprehend. The content displayed on the page should be relevant to the title of that page and should be pre-checked for any grammatical mistakes or plagiarism. Never copy and paste other website data into your own site.

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While finalizing design wireframes, you must consider that your website should be functional and easy to navigate.

It should be easy to load without too heavy features. Also, you must check for any broken links or poorly constructed pages before publishing your website on public domain. You should research about various key aspects and features your website should have before finalizing the design.

Function Layout

While designing a website, its layout is very important. Start by creating a wireframe of your website. There are various online designing tools available for free which can help you in creating a wireframe for your website. You can first draw a draft version on a paper and then put it into a model with these wireframes creating tools which allows you to work on the design at greater level. Choose your fonts and color themes as you would like to design your website. Remember, color theme should not include more than four colors and each color should complement each other. While designing the structure of your website, you must keep the layout simple and structured. The website should not look clumsy and things should be easily visible.


There are various prototyping tools available online which are free and very useful. This way you don’t have to code your website to see how it functions. It saves a lot of time and money in terms of avoiding re-work. While prototyping, you must pay attention to minor details of your website. It should be effectively representing your brand and should be designed in such a way as if its telling a story. Everything should be linked to each other and make sense. Design is something your customer would perceive with their eyes. You must have noticed that most famous websites are designed with white background and are simple and easy to use.

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Keep your designs fluid

In today’s world, the websites are accessed on various platforms and devices. They must be designed so that they can accommodate to the different sizes and aspect ratio of various devices. This is very easy to accomplish these days. You must ask your designer in advance to make the design compliant across various platforms. This once done will avoid re-work of designing the websites again and again suiting different operating systems.

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