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Setting up eCommerce Business with Shopify

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There are various vendors in the market that can help you build your very own eCommerce sites from scratch. But being new to the market, this could be a loophole that you may be entering. And you may end up spending fortunes before you make any profit. The cons for registering with platforms like Amazon and eBay is that they cut anywhere from fifteen to thirty percent margin on your sales which is a huge amount of your profits. Hence, there comes a middle way, where you don’t have to deal with technical part of setting up your online stores and you get the freedom of selling your own product at your very own online store. This freedom comes with the platforms like Shopify. Let’s review the various steps that you need to follow to set up your eCommerce site with Shopify.

Steps To Set Up An eCommerce Business

Before establishing your online business, you should be clear about the kind of online business you want to establish. In case you already have a brick and mortar business established then you just need to convert it into an online platform as you have everything else already there.

But in case you are a fresh entrepreneur and do not want to spend into establishing a physical shop, then online platform is appropriate for you. It is much less expensive and you can always have outlets once you have established yourself. So, let’s assume that you are new to the business and you want to select a product to sell online. While selecting a product, you must keep various aspects of it in mind. Things like availability, shipping constraints, the popularity and demand of the product and what is the likeability of the product and most important how much differentiation you could provide to the product in comparison to the competitors.


Building A Business Plan For eCommerce Business Set Up

A business plan is a blueprint of whatever you have in your mind. Putting it all into a paper is an all through a different process. You come to know what’s lacking in your plan and you get a straight line that you need to follow to establish it. It also touches upon other constraints like budget, available options, market constraints, competition you might have to deal with, branding strategies, marketing strategies and various other aspects of establishing a business. Just buying an online platform and uploading your products there may not help you establish well. You need to work through and plan well for every other aspect of it. And a business plan will help you to take you through those aspects and various options to deal with them.

Marketing your online business

While you work to establish your online shop, you must spread the news on various sites and platforms for people to be aware of your online shop and so that they visit and buy from it. For this you must set aside and spend some money into marketing of your products online. Before you do so, it’s always advised that you understand the various online marketing tools well. This will help you to understand and interact with various marketing strategists that you hire for your online marketing. Also, this will ease your communication with them for now you will understand the various terms they are using and the work they will put up to establish your business online.

You must ask for a marketing plan and how they will show up the results for your online business. You must ask for monthly reports of the work and progress that they have made to bring your business awareness online. Also, they should be able to bring value in terms of converting the leads into sales for your business. All this will help you while you build your online brand which might take a while. No business can sustain itself on its own without sales in long run and hence these marketing tools and plans will help you gain profit in that phase.


Setting up your business with Shopify

Once all above elements are in place, you only need to register with Shopify and start building your store. It’s very easy and comes with user intractable interface where you can choose pre-built themes for your shops. Then you only must upload the pictures of your products with short product description. Then you can ask Shopify to integrate the payment gateway of your choice to your shop, so that you can start collecting online payments. As you grow, Shopify also gives you option to connect your shop with various ERP solutions which will help you to manage your complete store online.

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