Steps to build your own digital strategy

The latest way to enhance your customer’s experience

Your Digital Strategy

  • Should consist of best practices.
  • Should engage stakeholders
  • Should generate leads
  • Should build brand equity
  • Should create the real value they could

You should understand Internet Purchase Cycle:

Before building your digital strategy, you must understand the purchase cycle of a customer. Once you know each aspect of purchase cycle, you can build your strategy to enhance different part of it to turn the footfall into a revenue stream.

First phase of your digital strategy must be focused on letting people know about your product.They should be aware that your product exists so that whenever they need that category of product, it immediately reminds them of you.This may include the basic feature of your product, detailed product descriptions, how your product is better than the competitor, what is the value your product provides to its consumers etc.Then you should work on the place where you shall display your products.

It must be optimized to the places where people searching for such products are most likely to fall or the places where there is a good amount of footfall so that your product gets the enough visibility. For example, Facebook is a good place to put your advertisements since it has millions of people around the world visiting every day. Or you would like to place your product on a blog page which caters to similar things in their content, like food items can be displayed on food blogs and likewise.

You must also understand how to engage your consumers and then how to turn this engagement into a profitable business. Engagement often gives you opportunities of leads and then, you may provide a special discount to customer if he makes an immediate purchase and likewise. You must be aware of various strategies that can be employed to build up a profitable business online. Customer service is key to retaining your customers and let them come back to you on their next purchase requirement. This helps you to enhance their shopping experience and build trust over your brand.


Digital Marketing should:

  • Work at each step-in purchase cycle
  • Work for the primary purchase, the influencer, and other stakeholders
  • Work on partnerships.
  • Should integrate with all other marketing

Steps for building your digital strategy

  • Define your customer
  • Define your target sites on internet where you wish to advertise
  • Define your budget you wish to spend on online marketing
  • Develop your Ad content
  • Track and monitor your Ads

Tools for Digital Marketing

could help you attain your goals. Some of the most popular tools are.

  • Data and Analytics Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Built With.
  • Email Marketing Tools like Aweber and Mailchimp.
  • Content Marketing Tool which allows you to build high quality content and capture the user behaviour of landing customers.
  • Pay Per Click Tools like Optimizely and Optimize press
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Branding
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