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Tips for Search Engine Optimization

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Methods of Optimizing your website or web page for search engines:

By getting indexed on search engines. Search engine often crawl through your website and collects information. It primarily looks for a robot.txt file to capture this information and indexes your website. The ranking of your website depends on various aspects, like title of the page, the quality of JavScript and CSS code used, meta tags, page content etc. The SEO executive understands this aspect of search engines very well and can optimize each part of your website to rank on the top of the various search engines.

By preventing undesirable or irrelevant crawling. Your website must be optimized around right keywords, which reflects your products and brand. Many a times people end up spending lots of money without knowing the relevance of how to choose correct keywords.Here the SEO executives comes into play. From their vast experience, they can choose appropriate keywords for optimizing your website search results online.

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By increasing prominence of your webpage or website. Your website presence on online platform also determines how search engines rank them. The SEO executive place them on various platforms in online marketplace which boost their search ability.Title of the page should reflect what is webpage about. The most of the search engines are backed by algorithms. These algorithms read various site content to make their decisions on the relevance of the website against the search result. Your website title is one of these information, which enables search engines to make decision about whether your website is relevant to the keyword that a person have entered or not. Hence the title of your page must be relevant to what your products are and should be able to give right direction about its search ability when the related product or information is searched.

Optimize the content of the web page with relevant keywords. The content of each page of your website should reflect the information that page is intended for. The content should be well written with appropriate amount of right keywords stuffed so as to help search engines to rank them on the top when the keywords appear on the page. The content should not be copied from another website and should be written in plain and simple language.

  • Add Meta Tags. Meta tags are another important aspect on which SEO executives works to enhance the search ability of your website.
  • Submit your sites to various directories and not just search engines.
  • Enhance your images with title, caption, alternate text and description relevant to the content of the website.
  • Anchor links used on your website should be well defined and relevant to content of the web page they are leading to.
  • Avoid copying contents from other sources for your website.
  • Create a sitemap.
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How to create a sitemap online

  • Open the automatic sitemap creation website –
  • Enter your website URL with some optional details on the form on this website.
  • Click on the start button at the end of the page.
  • In some time, you will be redirected to sitemap detailed page with details of number of pages, broken links list, XML file content, and link to your new sitemap file.
  • You can download the sitemap file from the link and put it into domain root folder of your website.
  • Go to your google webmaster account and add your sitemap URL
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